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A Guide to Planning a Corporate Retirement Event

A corporate party should be given to an important person in your company who is retiring. IN a corporate retirement event, you don’t plan the way you plan other types of events because here, the focus is on one person, the retiree. So, when you are planning this corporate event, you give special consideration to the person being honored in the event. Here are some tips for planning your corporate retirement event. Whether you are using the services of an event planner or doing the planning yourself, you need to consider these tips.

Setting a budget is very important. Although having a tight budget might not be appropriate for this very special event, having an unlimited budget is also very unrealistic. Base your budget on the importance of your guest of honor, the number of guests you will invite, the venue, food, and come up with a budget that will likely be approved by your bosses.

You should not do the planning all by yourself. If you don’t know the person well, it would be beneficial if you include employees, managers, officers, close to the employee to help you in the planning. With these people, you will know the preferences of your guest of honor.

Include the retirees family and close friends in your guest list. His family and close friends can even provide names and contact information of people you need to invite to the event.

Creating an Instagram feed would be a great idea. Events need photography to capture memorable moments in it. In this age, taking photos can easily be done with any mobile device. In your Instagram feed, let every guest upload their photos so that the retiree can enjoy this personalized album with uploaded photos from the event. You can also put these photos in your company’s website.

Make sure to include a portion where the retiree is recognized formally. His contributions to the success of the company should be highlighted. It can be done through a video presentation to honor the retiree. You can also ask those who are close to him to speak about the good things he has contributed to your company.

think about the best retirement gift you can give. The gift should be in appreciation for his long and productive career. His family and coworkers could suggest the best gift which can have something to do with his hobby or preferences. A golf package, airline tickets, or traditional gifts like a watch or a pen set can be possible choices for a gift. It should be a gift that will honor his contributions to your company.

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