Buying a Hack Squat Machine for Use at Home Can be a Great Option

Even weightlifters who swear by standard squats and dead lifts almost always work plenty of other exercises into their routines. The hack squat is regarded by most experts as an excellent complement to its close cousin, but it takes special equipment to perform it properly and safely.

Buying a hack squat machine for home use can be an excellent way to round out a workout and produce more gains. Learning what to look for in such a device is easy enough to do and will make it simple to choose appropriately.

Many Types of Hack Squat Equipment on the Market

While it is technically possible to perform a hack squat using a simple barbell, most experts avow that specially designed machines are more desirable. The inclined, off-axis movement that is so vital to the hack squat is simply not achievable without appropriate support.

Fortunately, there are now quite a few hack squat devices on the market that are entirely suitable for home use. In most cases, buyers will want to look into issues like the following before selecting and purchasing a particular model.

  • Capacity. Every piece of weightlifting equipment is designed for use within certain limits. This becomes especially important when purchasing hack squat devices, as the loads many avid weightlifters can generate could overwhelm insufficiently burly machines. Fortunately, manufacturers are generally upfront about the standards they build their devices to, making it simple, in most cases, to assess the available options.
  • Source of resistance. Some hack squat devices are designed to accept barbell plates of the various standard kinds. Others rely on either integrated weights or accessories like strong rubber bands to provide resistance. Generally speaking, the most natural-feeling workout will come from hack squat equipment that relies upon weights and the force of gravity.

A Great Addition to Many Home Gyms

Adding an appropriate hack squat device to even a well-equipped home gym can open up all sorts of interesting new options. Most importantly, incorporating hack squats into a routine will enable progress beyond that allowed by simple squats alone. As a result, most serious, home-based weightlifters and workout enthusiasts eventually reach a point where it becomes worthwhile to buy hack squat equipment.