How I Met My Husband

When I was in college, I wanted to take a computer class because that was the growing field and my dad told me that the people that were majoring in computers were going to be making a lot of money. I thought that would be funny, I would take a college course in order for me to find a proper man to marry. Well. life has a funny way of working out. I was so happy to see that there was a cute guy that was offering to do my programming homework if I would go out on a date with him. I was really happy to say yes to a movie and dinner, and why could I turn him down? He was so cute, I had to say yes. I was so happy when he told me that he was taking me to a local hockey game. It was the farm team for a rally popular NHL team.

I grew up in a very big hockey family. Although there weren’t a lot of us in my immediate family, we all loved hockey and went to every single game that my brother played in. My dad and my step mom and I always went to all of my brother’s hockey games because we spent so much time together traveling and it was something that we all loved to do together. My husband taking me to a game made me think that he would be the kind of guy that would like to take our kids to hockey games with me. I would be able to see that we could end up together in the end, and that was just on the first date twenty two years ago, it was the best time of my life and I am so glad that I let him do my homework for me.