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Benefit of Standard Based Grading

Standard based learning focuses on ensuring that instructor can explain to all the stakeholders about what a learner has got within a particular time and what needs improvement. It is unfortunate that an instructor assigned the score that assessed learning after a test. However, standards-based learning concentrates on what a student comprehended in the course of study. The traditional system assumes that once a student has passed a specific test, then they have obtained the necessary learning. Learning standards, on the other hand, has to do with tracing activities that have been undertaken over a while. People have started to gauge the value of activity on the knowledge acquired rather than on point assigned.

Point based grading has limited the learners potential. Standard based grading ensures that students are motivated to make improvements where they have weaknesses.

Teachers already know how they will distribute the score when it comes to the conventional grading system. You will not use algorithms to assess the student rather you will have to engage in a conversation and use your observation to know where the student has reached in learning a particular subject.

Becasue learners have an in-depth knowledge of what they are good at then they can select those concepts they flow very well. Learners are given multiple opportunities to correct the mistakes they made when exploring a particular concept. Students can learn appropriately if allowed adequate time to familiarize with the content.

Traditional grading offers general comments to a student. The moments standards describe learning they speak about the success and challenges of every student. Points in this improved system do not justify learning.

Students using this system can know where they stand in their learning curve. In the past instructors gave comments mentioning that they didn’t know why they students feel below their expectations as opposed to the new system. If you find them cowering from telling you about the areas they are struggling in learning, they will open up as they get used to interacting with you. The moment learning ceases to be about points, then the students will speak about areas they require help as they have faith they will improve.

It is common for teachers in the conventional learning to ask students about the score they gave them as if they provide marks without any input of the students. Ability to track whether they grasped concepts is one of the hallmarks of the new system. Projects and activities give rise to ideas that change the way things are done all over the world. Learning standards presents each student as unique. Students know with clarity why they got a particular grade as each criterion is evaluated.

Learners and teachers know what they should cover as they begin the class. Learners have shifted from reading to pass exams to having a clear understanding of the concept. Students learn what is essential and no longer feel profiled by points.

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